PLATO systems for Photoluminescence measurement
Non-destructive mapping measurement systems
Photoluminescence tool for concentration (AlGaN), LED characterization, layer thickness and Bow measurements

EUMETRYS, Associated with ETAMAX, distribute several tools for photoluminescence measurement. PLATO is a non-destructive mapping measurement system that uses PL(Photoluminescence) phenomenon. The photoluminescense analysis coupled with different laser sources can be used in multiple application:
  • RF GAN
  • LEDS
  • Yellow PL
  • SIC defect inspection

The PLATO 200 and PLATO 300 can measure wafer from all sizes for Al contents in AlGaN layer, Thin-film thickness of GaN layer and even Bow measurement.

Eumetrys is the exclusive distributor in Europe for ETAMAX product line.

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Micro Photoluminescence mapping system

MiPLATO-LED for specific LED challenges

The MIPLATO-LED ensures the challenges of LED technology are monitored properly using different sources and imaging methods.

The different features are:
  • High-speed Micro PL Intensity Mapper with highly sensitive PMT
  • R,G,B chip on wafer & Epi wafer measurement with size of 4″, 6”
  • Simultaneous measurement of PL and Reflection (or Scattering) (patented)
  • LED chip detection with leakage current
  • Micro LED inspection.
  • Low intensity, no PL signal, abnormal high PL intensity can be classified
  • Chip indexing
  • Defect coordinating and reporting
  • Microscopic image observation of specific areas
  • Spectral characteristics analysis possible by designating a specific area in PL Mapping Data (mapping possible)
  • Signal measurement in selective wavelength range using a monochromator is possible (Option)
  • Epi wafer inspection

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